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Will Writing Services

At ECARG, our will writing service have been designed to give you exceptional value for money, with competitive rates that put you in complete control. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. If you have not made, or do not have a valid Will, your property will pass according to the Law of Intestacy. This may not be what you would have wished. In any event it is likely to take longer to finalise than if you had made a Will. During this time your beneficiaries may not be able to draw any money from your estate and it can lead to arguments and distress for your relatives. We provide innovative ways for you to leave behind more than just a legal document. We are committed to preserving your story - told by you so that it can live on forever.

We focus on

preserving memories,

not just money

Understanding a Will

Wills are essential documents to have in place to ensure your loved ones are provided for should the worst happen. They are arguably one of the most important documents you can have and can do more than you realise.

A Will allows you to have control of what happens to your money, property and possessions upon your death. It is also the final bit of communication when you pass away.

Whether you consider yourself to have many possessions or much money, it is still important to make a Will.

Why You Need a Will

Having a will allows you to protect those close to you and ensures your wishes are followed after your death, preventing any disagreements about who takes what.

If you die without a will, “intestacy” will arise - this means the law decides what happens to your assets, and this can cause problems for your family and add to the costs of probate.

Among the issues that could arise if you don't have a will are:

  • Social Services will place your children into care to look after them if you have children under the age of 18 and both parents have passed away. Your family cannot care for your children without first going through the legal system.
  • If you have assets like money, stocks, real estate, or life insurance and you pass away without a will, the state will select who will receive your assets.
  • Your partner cannot legally claim your assets if you are not married.
  • Your Estate could be charged £1000 or more by a probate attorney.

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ECARG is a platform that is changing the way people think about making a Will

Driven by our passion to change the way people think about making a Will, We provide a fixed-fee personal service and there are no complicated forms for you to complete that preserves more than just your money.

We makes sure that every client gets full advice and recommendation from our specially trained advisor as well as a platform to set your wishes. Upon client's death, we want your family to be left with more than just a legal document…we want them to be left with answers and certainty.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Will

What is a will?

A will is a legally binding document where you state your instructions for how your estate should be distributed when you pass away. They may also be used to appoint guardians to take care of your minor children, and executors to manage your estate on death.

What happens if I don’t have a will?

If you die without a will in place the ‘rules of intestacy’ will apply. This will mean that your estate will be distributed according to a strict order depending on the value of your estate and which family members survive you. This may mean that your assets end up passing to people who you’d prefer not to inherit from you!

If you are unmarried then your partner will not inherit anything from you without a will in place.

If you have minor children and there is no surviving parent then social services will decide where to place your children, as no guardian will have been appointed.

Who can make a will?

To make a will you must be over 18 and have ‘testamentary capacity’. This is the mental capacity to understand and make a will. You must be able to understand:

  • The nature and effect of making a will
  • The size and nature of your estate (what you own)
  • Any moral claims that you ought to give effect to i.e. the claims that any family members may have on your estate.

You must also not be suffering from any mental disorder that effects your ability to make a will. Your Will Writer will be able to advise you on this.

Can I change my will?

As long as you have testamentary capacity you are free to change or revoke your will as you please. We recommend that you review your will every 3-5 years or on certain life events such as marriage, divorce, birth of children, death of any beneficiary, or if your financial situation changes.

What are mirror wills?

Mirror wills are two separate wills usually made by a couple. These wills are reciprocal and usually appoint the same executors and make the same gifts – they ‘mirror’ each other. If you and your spouse make wills leaving everything to each other and then on to your children these would be simple mirror wills.

Do I have to use a solicitor to make my will?

Will writing is not a reserved legal activity, so you don’t have to instruct a solicitor to draft your will. You can draft your will yourself, though we don’t recommend this as there is a lot that can go wrong and leave you without a valid will if you don’t take professional advice.

We recommend instructing a Member of the Society of Will Writers because they are specialist Will Writers. When using a Member of the SWW you can be sure that they are proficient in writing and advising on the topic of wills, they keep their knowledge and training continuously up to date, and they are properly insured.